Tweak of the week: Prevent changing file associations in Explorer

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Tweak #13 - october 31, 2001

System administrators and help desk operators know very well what happens when users change file associations by accident:
Suddenly they can't acces their files anymore and they call you!

This tweak makes this impossible.

The tweak has 2 versions: one for the current user only, and one for all users.

The tweak

Go to the registry key:


To change the setting only for the current user, go to this one instead:


Look for the following subkey:


If it doesn't exist, create it.

Navigate to the Explorer key and look for the following value:


If it doesn't exist, create it as a DWORD value.

Set this value to 1. To disable the tweak again, change the value back to 0 or delete the value.

Download reg file

This reg file does the work for you.

Download tweak13.reg

Download reg file for current user only

Download tweak13_currentuser.reg

Download reg file to restore the default

Download tweak13_restore.reg