Tweak of the week: Restrict access to Internet Explorer options

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Tweak #15 - november 21, 2001

Internet options allow users to change lots of settings.
You might not want the users of your computers to change certain settings. For example, you might want to be sure that the home page is set to your intranet homepage and users can not change it. Or you might not want them to change their connection settings, so that they con't call you because they stuffed up.

This set of tweaks let you disable numerous of the settings in Internet options. you can remove any of the tabs or specific tiems in these tabs.

The tweak

Go to the registry key:


Look for the following subkey:

Internet Explorer

If it doesn't exist, create it.

Navigate to the Internet Explorer key and look for the following subkey:

Control Panel

If it doesn't exist, create it.

Navigate to the Control Panel key. This is where we will add some values.

To disable any of the tabs from the settings, create the following DWORD values and set them to 1:

ValueTo removereg file
All of the aboveDisable internet options completelytweak15_all.reg

If you disable all the tabs, Internet Options will just display an error message.

In the first tab, you can individually disable the Home Page, Temporary Internet Files and History parts. Use the following values:

ValueTo disablereg file
HomepageThe home page address and the buttons for Use current, Use default and Use blanktweak15_homepage.reg
SettingsTemporary internet files buttons: Delete files and Settingstweak15_settings.reg
HistoryThe history controls: Days to keep in history and Clear historytweak15_history.reg

Also in the first tab, you have four buttons with more settings.
You can not disable these buttons, but you can disable the controls in the dialogs that show up after that.

ValueTo disablereg file
ColorsThe Colors part of the Colors dialogtweak15_colors.reg
LinksThe Links part of the Colors dialogtweak15_links.reg
FontsEverything in the Fonts dialogtweak15_fonts.reg
LanguagesEverything in the Languages dialogtweak15_languages.reg
AccessibilityEverything in the Accessibility dialogtweak15_accessibility.reg

To restore all the defaults, download tweak15_restore.reg.