Tweak of the week: Restrict access to Internet Explorer options (Part 2)

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Tweak #16 - november 28, 2001

Last week we explained how access to certain internet options can be restricted.

This set of tweaks lets you disable some more.

The tweak

Go to the registry key:


Look for the following subkey:

Internet Explorer

If it doesn't exist, create it.

Navigate to the Internet Explorer key and look for the following subkey:

Control Panel

If it doesn't exist, create it.

Navigate to the Control Panel key. This is where we will add some values.

To disable any of the options, create the corresponding DWord value and set the value to 1.

ValueTo disablereg file
SecAddSitesAdd and remove sites to the list of trusted sites, restricted sites and local intranet sites in the Security tabtweak16_secaddsites.reg
SecChangeSettingsChange the security settings for any of the zones in the Security tabtweak16_secchangesettings.reg
RatingsThe Content Advisor part of the Content tabtweak16_ratings.reg
CertificatesThe Certificates part of the Content tabtweak16_certificates.reg
CertifPersThe Certificates button of the Content tabtweak16_certifpers.reg
CertifPubThe Publishers button of the Content tabtweak16_certifpub.reg
ProfilesThe My Profile button of the Content tabtweak16_profiles.reg
FormSuggestForms in the AutoComplete dialogtweak16_formsuggest.reg
FormSuggest PasswordsUser names and passwords in the AutoComplete dialogtweak16_formsuggest_passwords.reg
Connwiz Admin LockThe Setup button on the Connections tabtweak16_connwiz_admin_lock.reg
Connection SettingsThe LAN settings button on the Connections tabtweak16_connection_settings.reg
AutoConfigThe Automatic Configuration part of the LAN settings dialogtweak16_autoconfig.reg
ProxyThe proxy settings in the LAN settings dialogtweak16_proxy.reg
CalendarContactCalendar and Contact list in the Programs tab.tweak16_calendarcontact.reg
ResetWebSettingsThe Reset web settings button in the Programs tab.tweak16_resetwebsettings.reg
Check_If_DefaultCheck if default in the Programs tab.tweak16_checkifdefault.reg
AdvancedThe restore defaults button in the Advanced tab.tweak16_advanced.reg

To restore all the defaults, download tweak15_restore.reg.

To create all values without enabling the restrictions (for easier editing) download tweak16_createall.reg.