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Tweak #19 - december 26, 2001

Microsoft has been experimenting a lot with flat buttons and all different kinds of 3D looks.
This tweak introduces a new kind of flat look for buttons and menus and the like.
Certainly worth trying!

The tweak

Go to the registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Colors

Look for the following values:


These values will probably exist. If not, create them as REG_SZ values.

Set ButtonHilight to the following value:

128 128 128

and set ButtonShadow to the following value:

255 255 255

As you will see this comes down to swapping these values.

You will need to restart or log off for the new settings to take effect.

Download reg file

Download tweak19.reg

Download tweak19_restore.reg