Tweak of the week: Show extensions of .lnk and .pif files

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Tweak #3 - august 15, 2001

With the advent of viruses like SirCam, many users are frustrated that the file extensions .pif and .lnk are never shown in explorer.
These virusses exploit this to make people believe that an executable is something very different.

This tweak makes explorer show these extensions.

Note, however, that shortcuts in your start menu and in shortcut bars will also show this extension.

The tweak

Look for the following keys in your computer's registry:


These keys contain the string (REG_SZ) value:


Delete this value.

Depending on your system, it's possible that you will need to log off or reboot before the change takes effect.

Download reg file

Download tweak3.reg

Reg file for .pif files only:

Download tweak3_pif.reg

Reg file for .lnk files only:

Download tweak3_lnk.reg

Reg file to hide the extensions again:

Download tweak3_restore.reg