Tweak of the week: Add options to the Start Menu Properties dialog

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Tweak #7 - september 12, 2001

When you right-click on the task bar and then select "properties", you can select "Advanced" to edit advanced start menu properties.
This tweak lets you add extra options to this dialog.
As an example, the setting that is added here is "Show submenus", where you can choose between 3 settings: After a short time, Immediately or When clicked.
The default setting is After a short time.

The tweak

To apply the tweak, use the provided reg file.
To understand how this works, take a look at the following registry key:


This key stores all the settings that are shown in the Advanced dialog. You can add as many as you like.

This tweak adds a group called "StartMenuDelay" and three possible values in this group. The three values set the value "MenuShowDelay" to three different values. The value "MenuShowDelay" can be found in the following registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

Download reg file

Download tweak7.reg