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As a special service for our users, the Registry Explorer team tries to find the best free stuff and the best deals that are available on the net.

Free software

Free software downloads

aFreeGo has thousands of high quality free software titles. What makes them different from others is that they also give away free licenses for full-featured products. They also have good descriptions of all the software titles. Remember to sign up for their newsletter to stay up to date with new software.

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Free software on CD

This is really amazing: Get commercial full-featured software packages in the box, and pay only the shipping!
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And something similar but available worldwide.

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Security related software

Virus protection

Viruses are getting nastier all the time. Don't let them beat you!

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Personal firewalls

When you are online, it's easy to break into your computer. Keep people away and detect intruders with a personal firewall.

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Don't leave anything on your computer that should not be seen.

Evidence Eliminator

Magazines and books


The leading magazine for Windows 2000 users
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Computer books

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Good deals on hardware


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General computer products

Here you will find great prices. As they say on the site you pay only the cost.

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Now you get free shipping on all Sony products at J and R.. Many good promotions here.