Unschedule a chkdsk

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Tweak #38 - july 18, 2002

When you try to run a chkdsk ("check disk") while a drive is locked, this checkdsk is scheduled for the the next time the computer starts up.

But what happens if you change your mind after that?

This tweak lets you unschedule the checkdsk again. When you open the Registry icon on the desktop, the root Registry folder is shown without the left folder pane.

The tweak

Go to the registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager

Look for the REG_MULTI_SZ value with the following name:


This value contains commands that will be executed at startup.

The default value is:

autocheck autochk *

After scheduling one or more chkdsks, the entry will contain one or more autochk lines. Delete each of these lines and put the default one in place.

If you always want a check to be performedf at startup, change the value to:

autocheck autochk /f *

If you don't want any checks to be performed, delete all autocheck entries.