Tweak of the week: Disable automatic sharing of hard disks on NT/2000

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Tweak #9 - september 26, 2001

On Windows NT or 2000, all your hard disk partitions are shared by default.
They have names like "c$".
These shares are hidden, but can be accessed by someone who knows the administrator password.

This poses an enormous security risk.

This tweak disables the automatic sharing.

The tweak

Go to the registry key:


On a server, add the following REG_DWORD value:


On a workstation, add the following REG_DWORD value:


Set this value to 0.

Download reg file

This reg file does the work for you.
The file works both on workstations and servers.

Download tweak9.reg

Download separate files for workstation and server

Download tweak9_wks.reg (Workstation/Professional)

Download tweak9_srv.reg (Server)