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Tweak #25 - februari 13, 2002

In this 25th edition of Tweak of the Week, we break with a long tradition. This week's tweak is not a registry hack but a file hack.

You can add or remove Windows components by choosing Add/Remove programs in Control Panel and then selecting Add/Remove Windows Components.

Recent versions of windows hide some components, including games and in XP the MSN messenger.

This tweak will put them back in place.

The tweak

Go to the windows directory (typically c:\windows or c:\winnt). There you will find a directory inf.
Open the file named sysoc.inf in this directory with notepad.

Look for the word "hide" (without the quotes) and delete it where ever you find it. Make sure you don't delete any of the commas.

Save the file. The extra componernts will now be shown.